A Message from the Secretary General

Residents and Fellows, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the opening of the scientific program of the third Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization - Current Advances in Residency Education (KIMS-CARE) 2017. KIMS is committed to achieve the highest quality training possible for its residents in all postgraduate programs. This event is a significant milestone of KIMS’ in this direction. Over the next three days of this conference residents will attend general sessions regarding KIMS policies and procedures and the system of resident evaluation and feedback. They will also be exposed to sessions on patient safety, competencies for healthcare professionals, quality in healthcare and informatics. To stimulate budding researchers, there are sessions on planning your research and most important – Time Management.

To further your competency as a healthcare professional, there will be concurrent workshops on health information technology, practice guidelines and the importance of electronic health records. The workshops will inculcate in you the habit of putting patient safety at the top of your priorities.

Communication skills are the crux of a successful and competent professional. Workshops will help you to upgrade and polish your abilities.

A workshop on ‘Evidence Based Medicine’ will teach you the critical appraisal of literature that will help you to assess the strength of evidence available to support a practice guideline.

This conference will not only enhance the skills of the resident but also the clinical tutors and site coordinators because the student is as good as his teacher.

KIMS desires that all residents train and work in safe and healthy environments. This has been achieved by standardized policies across all programs. You will find services and support groups to help you during this crucial phase of your training.

Senior residents will be exposed to specific topic related to health information, patient safety and quality, physician competencies and evidence based medicine through workshops.

On behalf of KIMS, I would like to thank you and all Program Directors in advance for planning such an event for your professional development. I would like to thank on your behalf, the scientific committee and the speakers, particularly local and guest speakers for their time and effort put in to bring to you a concise and comprehensive curriculum.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Health, particularly the Board of Trustees, KIMS for their support in making this conference an annual event with expanding scope that may include posters, abstracts and resident presentations.

I wish KIMS-CARE all the success. Please enjoy and utilize this rich scientific event and your day. I would be very interested in your feedback.

Dr. Ibrahim Hadi
Secretary General, KIMS